Loyens & Loeff Future Lawyer Day - 06 November 2019

The Loyens & Loeff Future Lawyer Day is all about providing answers to unanswered questions, connecting with your concerns as a student and engaging for the future.


What the afternoon will look like? You choose!


3 workshops around 3 topics (from a Tax - Banking & Finance, Corporate M&A - Real Estate or Employment - Litigation perspective):


  • A day at our law firm

The workshop will mainly focus on setting expectations on what you can expect, and what is expected from you, as a junior and medior associate at Loyens & Loeff.


  • Client cases and challenges

You will be able to get a sense of the content of the cases we deal with, such as Transfer Pricing, Public law, Transactions, Food Law and Data Protection & Privacy. Our seniors will give insight on the challenges they face at their level and how the ups and downs made them better lawyers.


  • Meet the partners

Get to know our partners and feel free to ask them about their journey, their vision, etc. 


The motto of the day will be freedom of speech: “You ask, we answer!”

The day is in your hands!